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What answer are you looking for?

Maybe my memory doesn't have the same recall as it did when I was younger, but I seem to remember that there used to be only one answer for every question asked.  Well, I admit there was some confusion over "feed a fever, starve a cold" and "which way the toilet paper was supposed to go on". So obviously I am being VERY general when I say one question/one answer and I am not even saying that the ONE ANSWER given was necessarily the correct answer.

But here is what I find in today's world.  If I have a question that involves morals, ethics, hair styles, parenting advice, dieting, sleep habits (anything but blatant historical facts), if at first I don't find the answer I preferred, I may need to keep looking.  Because I guarantee you, it is out there.
I am a frequent listener of pod casts (I love them).  When I am not frequenting a courtroom drama or true crime (think Dateline - audio version) I like to listen to question/answer type shows.  They cover al…

Discipline -for the win!

So I have been thinking about the whys and wherefores of discipline lately.  There are many forms of discipline, with the effectiveness solely dependent upon the recipient.  I have also been thinking about the rewards of discipline (and this should also be why we do it).  It sounds like an oxymoron, but we want discipline to result in something positive being gained.

When I would discipline my kids when they were growing up, I wasn't much for spanking but could dole out a thump that would be a real attention getter.  It's like my arm would stretch out like a super hero to deliver the goods.  I must have got that genetically since that is what I remember my grandpa threatening.  I rarely raise my voice in anger but tend to go quiet(er).  Regardless of volume, my girls would always say "quit yelling at me".  The tone was (is) so important!  Remember the old adage, "if you want to get someones attention...whisper"

Because I appreciate structure and have gained…

Where is your home?

Today I was listening to a podcast that revolved around finding the right "location" for your home.  I don't mean a specific zip code in a given area but more specifically, finding where you feel like you have "come home".

I have never really thought about my location in that sense before.  Though I will say that both Terry and I love Texas and feel very much at home here.  And truth be told, initially Terry was a little apprehensive about making the move.  But before we got here, I wasn't longing to find a place where I would find my "home".  

In fact, every time we visit a new place, I envision what it might be like to live there.  I have lived "many lives" in my imagination.  And I really can't think of one place where I thought....not here. Some places have more to offer than others, but even that particular thought is subjective.    It's like finding your soul mate.  If we were all looking for the same thing, there might be…

Time passages...

When we are first born, our time here on this earth is measured in days, then weeks, then months, and finally years.  I think we make a solid switch to years when we reach the age of two.  That is when we also focus on those half years.  This usually carries on to about twelve.   Once we hit that magic number, we say we are twelve....until we cross whatever point in the twelve month cycle that represents itself as "almost 13". This goes on until we are 29.  Then we are 29 until the VERY DAY we turn 30.

When I was young(er), I looked with great anticipation to arrive at those signature years; 18, 21, 25 (for car insurance purposes) and even 29 (the first time).  I don't know what I thought my life would look like, or even who I would be, but those were earmarked as important years.

As a teenager, I think I thought 25 was surely old and mature.  I used to believe I would be able to handle things better..."when I was older".  Specifically I thought this when I wa…