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Tis the Season....

I have lived in Texas for about five years now.  I love the VERY mild winters, spring and fall are great and the heat of the summer days is not that different from the Midwest.  Given that, it has taken me about five years to figure out the dress code here.  And it has nothing to do with the actual temperature and/or weather conditions.

This past February has been unseasonably warm.  It will probably be a record setter.  Nothing wrong with that in my book - warm is my choice versus cold.  However.  How does one dress in February for this warm weather?  Particularly when the office you work in could be likened to a frozen tundra.

This year clarified it for me perfectly.  And the answer is.....however you want.  Initially my attention was drawn to those women who would wear jackets, tights and boots (even winter boots) when it was 71 degrees out.  And I am not talking about a high of 71, I am talking about 71 degrees as I enter the building around 6:30ish every morning.

Once in the lob…

Eye on the Prize

I was talking to a guy I work with the other day and he "schooled" me.  But in a good way.  He is retired military and was formerly active in the investigative unit.  He shared some things he remembered specifically while taking an evasive driving class.  He told me that if you focus on an obstacle while driving, you will hit that obstacle.  In a nutshell, what you focus on is what you make happen.

Of course, I needed to ponder this for awhile.  And this thought he shared reoccurred to me as I have been reading "You are a Badass:  How to stop doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero.

I am always reading (and will be glad to recommend) all types of thought provoking self-help books and I truly believe I benefit from them.  If nothing else, it causes me to think in different ways. I say "I have a book for that" like today's generation says "there is an app for that".  Name your poison and I can help.  Anyway, ba…

Here's your sign

Remember my blog a few weeks back (still available if you need to refresh your memory) about the guy who was so busy listening for the words, he missed the message?  I had my own 'ahhh haaa" moment this week.

Recently I have been praying about a situation that is troubling to me.  One could even say I have allowed it trouble me.  And when I pray about it, I give it to God.....yet it seems I take it back at some point throughout the day.

This isn't the first time I have felt the need to exert my control over events.  I could represent wonderfully at a "Controllers Anonymous" meeting (if such a thing existed-ask my husband).  You would recognize me because I would be fighting over the microphone to run the meeting.

And this is despite my prayers to the contrary.  Does that mean prayers don't work?

Every morning I receive a bible verse for the day.  In addition I receive "Encouragement for Today" and it was when I allowed the message (versus the wor…

Bruised but not beaten.....

It should not be compared to "riding a bike".  You know that saying, "it's like riding a bike.  After a few minutes all your skill comes back to you."

Terry and I went skiing this past weekend.  We were bit by the skiing bug after Madison went on a ski trip sponsored by her school.  We reminisced over the beautiful pictures she shared and decided we did miss this snow - if it was productive.  For Iowa, Missouri and Kansas fans - we don't really see a point to your snow, but in Colorado there is a life that revolves around it.

So, it was decided.  Skiing, dog sledding and snow mobiles were on the agenda.  Plus a sleigh ride up to Beano's cabin - a very exclusive mountaintop restaurant with five course meals.  WOW!  

Now, I did do some preparation in anticipation of the reunion with skiing.  Have y'all ever heard for YouTube??  What a plethora of instructive videos that had for me.  And since I have been skiing before (albeit 37 years ago -to Terry&#…