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The other woman

Can you believe it?  Days before we are scheduled to leave on our 20th wedding anniversary cruise
, Mr. French brings another woman to live with us?   Even though blogs, Facebook, and all other forms of social media seem the place to hang out the dirty laundry, I never thought it would be me on the "sharing" end.

Just when I thought we were doing great, embracing the "empty nest syndrome" and entering the children free zone with vigor, a stranger has entered our midst.  Not only did he upset my apple cart, he upset the little apple that didn't fall far from either tree (Madi, for those who don't follow me).  Yes, it was the day before Thanksgiving when this happened and she was home to witness the bold entry this woman made.

I asked him "WHY? Why now?  What could possibly be missing from your life.  His answer surprised me.  He said "I just need someone who will listen to me (translation ,,,,and do what I say,,,,every time I ask).

So there you hav…

If my memory serves me might be a first!

I have been trying to remember (with little success) when I first noticed that I didn't always remember things correctly.  I know it has been over a period of several years and it hasn't gotten any worse.  It just "is what it is".

Names are particularly challenging to me.  Whether it is the name of a musical group, movie, book or person, I can slaughter them all. The bad thing about getting a person's name wrong is that if I go uncorrected for any amount of time, then I start second guessing myself as to which name is actually the right one. That is where "hey, buddy" has come in handy for me.....many times.

I know my daughters (yes, plural) take particular delight when I misspeak.  An early example was when the group "Lifehouse" became popular.  I really enjoyed their music.  Unfortunately, for the longest time I thought they were "Lighthouse".  Sigh.

Obviously my memory isn't hopeless, because I can remember my mistakes.


Still crazy after all these years!

My best friend Catharine (also known as Rissy's best friend) used to say she couldn't take me anywhere.  When she worked with me as my Administrative Assistant, there were times when we would travel together and on more than one occasion, I would attract some man's eye.  Okay, kids, this may have been a few years ago but not THAT long and if I can still remember it couldn't have been that long ago.

So, it happened again this most recent trip.  And I have to say, I was a little embarrassed at first.  Let me set the stage.

I am standing in line waiting to board (A21) when I heard a man calling out to my left.  I looked over and this good looking man was intently looking at me.  Almost as if he knew me.  I looked around to make sure he was directing his attention at me and when there was no doubt, I just smiled slightly and looked away.

IT DID NOT STOP THERE.  Now, he is verbally trying to get my attention.  I am giving him the side-eye glance and he is smiling …

It's complicated

What goes into a friendship?  Or love?  It's complicated, right?

When I was young(er) ...also could be stated as when dinosaurs roamed this earth - my first impressions of people revolved more around how they looked.  I believe I did this because at some level, that is how I wanted to look.  My sister Katy reminded me of when I started working at the same place she did when we were in our 20's.  She asked me who I thought I would be friends with.  I quickly said Rita and Sheryl and I chose them because they were a little older than me, dressed smartly, and were in low management positions.  They also "looked" friendly.  There came a day (as I was beginning to know them) that how they looked to me changed.  And it wasn't positive.

This had everything to do with "who" I thought they were, rather than "who" they really were.  It had nothing to do with who they were married to, slept with, what their political affiliation was, their skin color or …

(My) Internet Life

Who remembers encyclopedias?  In the "olden days" there used to be encyclopedia salesmen that would worm their way into your house, and before you knew what happened, they were holding your wallet.  Yes, you had agreed to buy a 24 volume set (with a few extras tossed in) for the small monthly fee of $$$$ that would last long after the golden etching wore off the books.

And then came the Internet.  What a glorious day that was.  I didn't fully appreciate the "Dear Abby" connection when it first came out, but I am a card carrying member of instant gratification of knowledge (and just about everything else) now!

Imagine, you are sitting in a meeting, lunch, the passenger seat of a car....and a question comes up.  No need to say I don't know or I will find out.  You go to the appropriate Safari app on your oh so very smart phone and type in the question that needs answering.  Low and behold, you will have a plethora  of answers from various sources!  (Validit…