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Life is a process....

Lately I have found myself in many discussions involving the "process".  It is amazing what fresh eyes will bring to a review.

This past week a group of us were talking about a business process, and what we ask for ....and why?  In this specific line of work, the rules governing what we CAN ask for are broad.  Basically, we can ask for anything, at any time from any one.  This all sounds well and good but the complaints I heard were that some of the information requested was not being provided.  My next question really helped us zero in on what is important.

I asked, "what are the consequences?"  Herein lies the problem.  There were no consequences.  We could ask for anything all day long but without consequences, the "ask" really was meaningless.

We then started down the path of discussing what we REALLY need to make a decision, realizing the lack of consequences.  Thus began a new process that was less cumbersome, less frustrating and would allow us to…

Play it again

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Even though it is contrary to the notion of winding things down, I always liken Fall to new things.  For example, school starts in the fall which equals new clothes, experiences and opportunities.  At least this is how I remember it.

While I have been out of school for 11 years (most recently), this is the year that I am working on accomplishing things I generally just think about.  As I have already mentioned, Rosetta Stone Espanol is happening at my house and I have made it to Unit 2, Chapter 2 (there are 22 units with multiple chapters in all of them).  At this rate, this may be a multi-year effort.  And mainly because I am expecting perfect scores (or pretty darn close) for each chapter.  This has meant that some of them I have repeated a time or two (specifically pronunciation chapters) so that I can achieve a final score I can live with.

What else?  Okay, last week I started a Bible Study at my church.  This particular group meets at 4:00 pm an…


What happened Sunday afternoon could have been the opening scene for one of my favorite shows, Dateline.

Madison and I had just come back to the house after finishing errands.  It was time to take her over to Robert's so they could head back to school.  She ran upstairs to grab a few things while I waited in the kitchen.

First, I heard blood-curdling screams accompanied by stomping and running.  I froze in place.  Almost immediately, I heard Madi begin screaming.  Before I could react, Madison screamed, "Mom, he's coming for you."

And he did.

This wild man burst into the kitchen.  He had the crazy eyes going and was coming for me.  I positioned myself on the other side of the island and we began running - him trying to catch me and me trying to get away.  I thought about running out of the house, but I couldn't leave my baby.  This went on for a few minutes before he leaped up on the island and lunged at me.

Yes, football season has begun with a hard fought vict…

College parties and all-nighters...who knew?

Today marks that longest time Terry and I have ever gone without seeing our baby (10 days). I didn't realize those parties and late nights would begin so early.  For all the planning and preparing we have done over the past year, this is one issue that still caught me by surprise.  As I have mentioned before, we started "dating" again and both of us have picked up a few new hobbies.

Mine involve knitting (for gifts and others), reading (a lifetime pursuit) and most recently....about ten days ago I would say, (here's your hint)....hola, mi amigos!  Yes, I have started Rosetta Stone -Spanish.  I can already tell I am going to be a natural and I haven't even made a dent in the program.

Terry has been busy managing the construction of our latest family business....more to come on that in a later issue.  He has also been quite the activity planner.

But back to the closing down the party in the wee hours of the morning.  Right out of the gate, Terry planned a dinner pa…