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The (mad) dog days of summer

The summer is winding down. August is now closer to ending than beginning.  But what a summer it has been.

I believe we have packed more activity into this summer than some years all rolled together. And it's not over yet.

This past weekend we flew from Austin to Kansas City, and then headed north to Iowa.  My mother-in-law and her family were all gathering for a family reunion.  Not only did we get to enjoy more time with Madison (we are on the final countdown) we enjoyed time with the other French kids and their spouse or significant other. Not to mention our youngest two grandsons. And quality time with Terry's four sisters and their families.  And of course,  Terry's mom!

Sunday found us heading back to Kansas City for Averie's birthday party (hello terrible two's) and time with the older grandsons.  By evening we were heading west to Topeka for time with Grandma Jones.  Back to KC on Monday night and then a great opportunity to eat lunch with four former KGS employees (they REALLY retired).

Back to Austin but only to check in, unpack, do some laundry and get our things together.  Our girls trip to Florida begins tomorrow through Monday. We will get together with one of my favorite mother daughter duos (KP and Gia) for a magical weekend of Disney wonders, beach time, and serious catching up.

Madison (aka Madi, aka Mad dog-depending on circumstances) is T minus 9 days and counting before we take our last car trip for awhile, on the 26th.  And this time, Terry and I will be driving home without her.

I remember the first time she spent the night at a friend's house. Then "little Jamie" was having a few friends sleep over. We knew her parents well; her mom was actually the director at MT's daycare.   While we didn't spend the night with her, we DID send Marissa as her chaperone (Marissa was around 15 at the time).

Fondly I recall the first time Madison went to church camp. It was in Colorado; in the mountains. Again, we didn't stay AT the camp, however I did stay in Colorado Springs for the entire week....just in case she needed me.  And did I mention, Marissa was a counselor at the camp?

So now, we are expected to drop her off at college. Sharing space with girls we don't know. Terry said I cannot live in the town where she will be....just in case as she needs me. And as of this date, Marissa has made ZERO plans to be at college with her.  This is unacceptable.

When Madi was growing up, she sat in the backseat, in a car seat and then booster seat, until she met both height and weight requirements. The booster seat from an age perspective was up to 5 years old. She hit the height/weight when she was 7 plus. When she pointed out that other kids didn't have to sit in the booster seat anymore, it was then I had to tell her the truth (according to me)

Very sincerely I told her that it was sad but true that her mom and dad loved her more than ALL those other parents.

And we still do!

Until next time,
Your pal,

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