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Still singing my song(s)

As all my kids will attest, there is nothing I like more than singing in the car on long road trips. Okay, truth be told, I will sing in the car for a five-minute drive.  I am also very guilty of playing the same song OVER AND OVER again, for a variety of reasons.  Now, if I am trying to learn the words to a song, of course I need to hear it many times.  Sometimes my OCD nature just locks in on a particular song (due to mood, memories, etc.) and then I might play it the entire way home.

When Madison and I were getting ready to leave for our road trip to Tyler, we talked about our music choices the night before.  The iPhone makes it so easy to have all your music with you and available, but if you didn't buy it from iTunes, your selection won't be as all encompassing.

Enter my first iPod.

I didn't even know what an iPod was nine or ten years ago.  My co-worker Janet had just purchased one and since I was traveling much of the time, she encouraged me to ask for one for my b…

Waking up confused

When I first moved to Texas five plus years ago, I had responsibilities across the state. This wasn't any different than I had experienced in Kansas with one small caveat  Texas is a BIG state. When I travelled across the state in Kansas, even venturing into Oklahoma (and always starting in Missouri) I put 40,000 plus miles on my car annually.  The only places I drove my car in Texas were to the office and to the airport.

It was during that frenzy of travelling, usually weekly (and sometimes with more than one trip) that I overcame my fear of flying. I racked up frequent flier miles and even earned a companion pass. This went on for almost three years before I departed that life.

Why bring it up now?  There are a few reasons. When I reflect on the past 26+ years of my career, travel has always been a significant part of the gig.  It's only been the past (almost) 2 years, that travel has become a "planned" part of my life.  Because of this, I now have a greater apprec…

The (mad) dog days of summer

The summer is winding down. August is now closer to ending than beginning.  But what a summer it has been.

I believe we have packed more activity into this summer than some years all rolled together. And it's not over yet.

This past weekend we flew from Austin to Kansas City, and then headed north to Iowa.  My mother-in-law and her family were all gathering for a family reunion.  Not only did we get to enjoy more time with Madison (we are on the final countdown) we enjoyed time with the other French kids and their spouse or significant other. Not to mention our youngest two grandsons. And quality time with Terry's four sisters and their families.  And of course,  Terry's mom!

Sunday found us heading back to Kansas City for Averie's birthday party (hello terrible two's) and time with the older grandsons.  By evening we were heading west to Topeka for time with Grandma Jones.  Back to KC on Monday night and then a great opportunity to eat lunch with four former KGS e…

Life's lesson plan

When I was growing up, I loved school.  Or at least the learning part. Before I finished sixth grade, I had attended five different grade schools. Yes, we moved around a lot. However, once we landed at my last elementary school, we lived in the same neighborhood through high school.

As much as I liked school, I loathed being the new kid in class.  Maybe that is why I have stayed at my "grown-up" jobs for so long.  I like to get to know people, and have them know me.

Being a non-traditional college student , I was reminded again of my enjoyment of formal education.  With young kids at home plus working full-time,  I attended what I call "real college" because I wanted the experience.  Granted, I never lived in a dorm, but I did get a taste of college life.

After completing my bachelor's, followed by my master's degree, I could easily been persuaded to go for my Ph.d, but that wasn't part of my life's lesson plan.

But I never stopped learning.

The &qu…

It's my birthday...NOT!

Yesterday was Averie's birthday.  She is my favorite (only) granddaughter and she is now two years old.  My daughter is accommodating my travel schedule and only celebrated Averie's birthday with immediate family.  Her "party" will be later this month when I can be there.

I hope we aren't starting something.  You'll see why in a minute.

Everyone celebrates birthday's differently.  When "us five kids" were growing up, there were enough of us already to constitute a small crowd so we didn't have friends over.  If a big present was received by one, it was a guarantee that we would all be receiving the same for our birthdays.  For example, my brother's birthday was in January and when he was around 11 or 12, HE RECEIVED A BIKE!  This was a big deal since none of us had one.  My nose was slightly out of joint since being the oldest, I thought he shouldn't have a bike before me.  Luckily, my birthday was next up on the calendar and my blue…