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Nice job taking your daughter out!

When I reflect on my first "real" job, (1979ish) what I always remember is my first performance evaluation.  I was all of 22 years old and my then boss, Art Ballou, sat down with me and went over expectations, goals and achievements.  This was like a report card all over again.  I still can see the smile Mr. Ballou had when I asked him if I could have an extra copy - to share with my mom.

Do we ever outgrow the need for others to see our value?  That may have been my first evaluation, but it wasn't the last one I shared with someone.  And not all evaluations were perfect, so even those that included statements that I may or may not have agreed with, I sought input and validation from those closest to me.

Our grade cards throughout school were, for the most part, a capable and objective measurement of our skills and talents (and even our behavior).  Once I transitioned to the performance evaluation, I realized how subjective this measurement could be.  It was especially c…

It's a habit now...

So, who knew me (Kansas folks speak up) when I believed that Halls D lozenges (with echinacea and zinc) could cure anything up to and including, some cancers?  Every time I felt a sniffle coming on, a slight sore throat, tightness in chest, etc. I would start my regime of these specific Halls D up to the maximum of four times per day.  It wasn't so ingrained that I set an alarm at night, but I did manage to get the daily dosage.

When I moved to Texas, the stores down here did not carry that specific type.  For longer than I care to remember, I had friends in Kansas (fellow believers?) sending me Halls D care packages to get keep me alive and healthy.  Eventually I got over this particular vice, but in a conversation with my BFF Jessica, I realized how many new ones I acquired.

Tell me I am not alone.

Surely I am not the only one who shakes their hands thirteen (13) times after washing them?  This began after reading an article about how one could reduce the amount of paper used t…

Planning for retirement

My sister Katy and I have been discussing retirement.  Even though we still look too young to consider the option, we are in that season of our life. Much consideration has to be taken to ensure that the "next chapter" is fully successful.

We have been considering role models of active and happy retirements.  While we are not exactly sure what we want retirement to look like for us, we definitely know what we don't want it to be.  Katy put it aptly when she said "I don't want to get up every morning to move from my bed to the recliner".

Our mom is retired.  And even though she is new to the Austin area, she is VERY SOCIAL.  She has a weekly quilter's group she attends and senior lunches twice a month.  She walks daily (when the weather cooperates) and probably knows more of our neighbors in her first year here than I do.  Another successful retiree is Sheila (my other mother).  She plays Bunco regularly, has a weekly scheduled breakfast, and is very ac…

It's a small world, after all.

So there is nothing like attending a conference with many people you know, and finding out that your shenanigans have proceeded your arrival.

Last Wednesday I was in San Marcos for a couple of days, attending a conference and scheduled to speak.  When I arrived, I was quickly reminded of just how many people I knew from across Texas that were also attending. Those were not the ones I needed to worry about.

You have all heard the saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for cruises.  As I walked up to the first group of people I needed to say hi too, I was greeted back with "oh, we were just hearing about your cruise".  Seriously...Terry was NOT in attendance and neither were the kids.  And just what part of the cruise was Tom (I will call him Tom because that's his name) referring to.

As introductions were made to those I didn't know, I quickly found out that my new friend Gary (also his name) was on the SAME …