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Long weekend update

What a "memorial" of a weekend.  With Madison graduating, we had the pleasure of having all her siblings (count them -five) along with their significant others, the grand kids, Terry's sister Wendy, niece Joslyn and her husband Wade, my sister Katy and her husband (Tony) and finally Madison's best friend from Kansas City - Kenadee.  Plus those of us who already live here!!

All the grand kids-Tall to Small
All of us ate too much, some of us drank too much, but none of us had a bad time.  The grand finale day (Sunday) was a reception at The Oasis for Madison, followed by family time at the house that evening.  The weather was fairly cooperative and the pool was put to the test with swimmers of all ages.  The house was full and so were our hearts.

As quickly as they arrived, the departures seemed equally swift.  Almost everyone left Monday morning. which allowed me to transition into recovery mode (through Tuesday).  The weather was appropriately dreary.

The only negative I suffered during the whole weekend happened on Monday - my Fitbit failed me.  It had been showing signs of wear and tear for the past couple of weeks, but was still faithfully tracking my every step.  Then suddenly, without warning, Karibit flat lined.  This means that every walking workout, steps throughout the day and staircases climbed since that time are not "official".  I have no record of them ever happening.  And we all know that if it isn't counted, it isn't happening.  Sigh.

So I went back to work on Wednesday, leaving Ethan and Nathan (two oldest grandsons) at home still enjoying time in Austin with daughter Marissa.  Madison still has Kenadee (thanks Tami and Jerry) with her for a few more days.

And I am still walking around without credit.  Luckily it doesn't impact my ability to report (type) and I am hopeful that a replacement will be arriving soon.

Until next time,

your pal,

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