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Untold Stories of the ER

When God created Man, (specifically the nose) do you think He had any idea of the possibilities?  These fine instruments (in all shapes and sizes) are not just for breathing, or enjoying the smell of freshly baked cookies.

I know I cannot be the only one who has dealt with polyembolokoilamania.  We always wonder why a person would do this and even more so, are tasked with controlling our own reaction,  Just so you know, this is not a rare occurrence.

My first time being exposed to this behavior was when my sister Katy left her three girls with me for a few hours.  I recall that we were no more than 15 minutes into the first hour, when then three-year old Pammy promptly stuck a bead up her nose - so far it could not be "blown" out.  Initially, panic was setting in, but in those days I sported some VERY long fingernails.  I sat that little girl down on my lap and creatively worked the fingernail on my little finger, halfway to her brain to retrieve that bead.  There would be…

"You can't handle the truth"

Who participates in Trivia Question of the Day (via email)?  I receive two questions a day and at times, am embarrassed by how I could miss something so easy; and at other times - amazed at my ability to recall.

Today's title comes from a screaming Jack Nicholson in an oldie but goodie "A Few Good Men".  I got this question right  - more because of Jack Nicholson than the movie (I am a fan)!

But then I started to ponder.

Who remembers growing up with the following instructions of things you never were to ask/talk about?  I clearly remember being told it was impolite to discuss religion, politics or money.  So we didn't.  Can you imagine?

The downfall of our society may have begun (in earnest) when social media was introduced. EVERYTHING posted is open and subject to interpretation and comment (whether it is "on topic" or not).  I believe the veil of anonymity is the emboldening factor.  Everyone thinks they know "the truth", and just like a car …

Ahoy there, matey⚓️

So right now I am somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on my first cruise. My shipmates include Mr. French, Madison and Robert; plus 3,000 of our closest friends. 
We had a situation that caused the ship (Carnival Liberty) to return to shore within a couple of hours from departure. I am happy to report it did not involve any of us. 
Our first Fun Day at Sea kept us so busy we didn't even swim. Activities included Bingo, Ladies Day of Pampering, More Bingo and the Piano Bar sing-a-long, to name a few. No winners at Bingo but I did win the raffle for a free excursion for two!
Today we had an excursion in Yucatan, "Sacred caverns visit plus snorkeling. Wow!  I really liked snorkeling and this was another first for all of us.  We had an amazing lunch, visited local artisans and made it back to the ship before it sailed!
Tonight we participated in Game Show Mania.  If you wanted to participate, you put your name in.  Madison took the liberty of entering me.  It was set up much like Price i…

Putting on the poker face

Have you ever been around someone that did NOT have a poker face?  In other words, without a word, and just one look at their face, you knew whether or not they were "picking up what you were putting down" a positive or negative way?  
I think we can all agree that kids aren't born with this ability, it is a skill that must be acquired (and fine-tuned) over the years.  Recently, at an Athletic Banquet where daughter Madison received an award (MVP-Offense for Softball), her coach talked about knowing what Madison's position was (on any given subject) by looking at her face.  (don't worry, honey - this technique can be improved).
I have been told I have an excellent poker face.  Regardless of the situation, I can portray a totally passive facial expression, while on the inside I can be screaming, crying, cheering, denying and/or calling b.s. on whatever is being presented.  It is a technique I particularly focused on during my internship days while working on…

Long weekend update

What a "memorial" of a weekend.  With Madison graduating, we had the pleasure of having all her siblings (count them -five) along with their significant others, the grand kids, Terry's sister Wendy, niece Joslyn and her husband Wade, my sister Katy and her husband (Tony) and finally Madison's best friend from Kansas City - Kenadee.  Plus those of us who already live here!!

All of us ate too much, some of us drank too much, but none of us had a bad time.  The grand finale day (Sunday) was a reception at The Oasis for Madison, followed by family time at the house that evening.  The weather was fairly cooperative and the pool was put to the test with swimmers of all ages.  The house was full and so were our hearts.

As quickly as they arrived, the departures seemed equally swift.  Almost everyone left Monday morning. which allowed me to transition into recovery mode (through Tuesday).  The weather was appropriately dreary.

The only negative I suffered during the whole we…