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If a picture is worth a thousand words - why do I still hear you?

By now, I cannot be the only one who wishes we had election year boundaries.  Obviously, there is no criteria for a candidate to run, so wouldn't it be nice to limit our exposure?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Let's encourage this as our new method of campaigning.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to silence the insult throwing, half-truths and false promises with just a picture? And why do they all YELL?  I can imagine it now....a picture holding a baby for truth (or a facsimile thereof); a mean face for insults (or any hateful rhetoric); how about a thumbs up with those who choose to endorse the candidate simulating support?  I love this idea.

Talk is cheap anyway.  Isn't it the actions that come from everything we say that is ultimately what matters?  It's not just the elected officials either (though I am really tired of them right now).

If we say we will drive careful and pay attention, we should.  Otherwise, the results can be life-changing (or lif…

Rainy days and Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

We have had rain in the forecast since Saturday.  And the weather person has been spot on this time.  Lately, it seems it is dark and rainy when I wake up and dark and rainy when I drive home.  When Terry emptied the rain gauge on Sunday (after approximately 36 hours had passed) we had over 8 inches of rain.  And that was three days ago.   It seems as if we either "feast or famine" on this resource we rely on so heavily.

When we first moved to Austin, Lake Travis was around 40% full and losing water rapidly.  Long time Austinites would tell me, this lake can fill up after just a few days of rain.  I did not believe them but that is exactly what happened.  Last spring when it started raining, it quickly filled up to 80% and since that time, it continues to increase. And here we are, at spring again -with our latest number at 102%.

We live on high ground so if we experience flooding, EVERYONE will be in big trouble.  But Austin has many low lying areas that have flooded freq…

Now I'm just somebody that I used to know

How many people do you suppose we are in a lifetime?  We can do the easy math and start counting roles.  In my instance, I started out as the first daughter, first granddaughter, first niece (notice a theme here?)  But as I was growing up, I quickly added the role of sister (many times over) and eventually somebody became my first friend (and visa versa).  In kindergarten, I became a student and that has continued off and on all my life.  I enjoyed being a girlfriend for the first time in 6th grade.  That involved trading ID bracelets and going to the sixth grade dance.  It seems to be much more complicated these days.  When I was 14, I became an employee for the first time.  Later in life, I became a wife, mother, aunt, boss,(or bossy), grandmother (Mimi) and great aunt.  If I am lucky, there will be more roles to come. And I didn't even count all the "in-law  roles I enjoy along with views and categories that also indicate who I am.

Within each of those roles, I deal with…

Bff's forever....I

Friendship is a funny thing.  Not funny - ha ha, though you will share many laughs with a good friend.  Growing up, I thought everyone was my friend.  Once you were introduced, we were friends..or we weren't.  I always had lots of friends and I believed that everyone else did, too.

As an adult, I have tested positive for being an ambivert, (someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion).  In fact, I have had people tell me, they never know who will show up.  I have chosen to take that as complimentary.  Either way, throughout my life, both have served me well.  While I may not always be as outgoing from one day to the next, I truly enjoy people.  As I have gotten older, I even talk to strangers.  Early friends are going to struggle with this new facet of my personality, as I was very introverted in my younger years.  But it's the truth.  Now I can't seem to keep quiet in an elevator, grocery aisle, you name it.  I am Miss Welcome Wagon.  It truly over…