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Climbing out the window...

One of my favorite quotes is by Helen Keller and goes something like this (I am paraphrasing).  So often we stare longingly at the door that has closed, we fail to notice the windows that are open.  This can be so applicable.

Lately, Terry and I have been working on opening windows.  Not literally, but let's remember...we will soon be "empty-nesters".  Our closed door will be the full time parenting that we have become accustomed to for all of our married life.  I mentioned a few blogs back that we are "dating" again and we continue to look for opportunities to spend time together.

It may kill me.

Don't get me wrong.  He can take me out to dinner every weekend night (and on occasion he has) but I need to know; how did we used to go out on week day nights a few short years ago (ok, 20+) and still show up to work the next day? It's one thing to plan a date night for a Friday or Saturday night (every other week).  I think we have those down now.  And we h…

Walking in history-what a lesson!

Madison and I (along with 39 of our closest friends) just got back from a 10 day stay in Europe, Specially we visited Greece and Italy.  What an opportunity to walk where so much history has happened.  And walk we did.

Just days prior to the trip, I managed to break my big toe (right foot),  Nothing like being prepared to walk the just 59 miles.  Yes, I checked my Fit bit upon return and the total number of steps for this ten day period was 144,367 (you are reading that right).

As luck would have it, (or grace)  on the first night we checked into our hotel in Athens, I managed to fall down the stairs and wrench my right ankle (notice a theme there) so hard I HEARD it.  This now took my mind off the broken toe.

Immediate impressions of Athens was the total acceptance and prevalence of graffiti on all buildings. We saw this also in Italy but not as much.  Some of the art was quite beautiful but overall, it was very distracting for me to see so many pictures, symbols, numbers and names…

How to appropriate when allocated

Working for the government is interesting and educational.  Did you know, when monies are allocated to a state budget (whichever one that might be), you must also have the same amount appropriated. I am not talking appropriate, as in behavior, but appropri8 (that is how you say it).  The definition is to  devote (money or assets) to a special purpose.  Allocation without appropriation is worthless.  You are appropriated your spending authority up to a certain amount.  This applies to all areas of the budget.  The appropriation is non-transferable.

It makes me reflect on a former leadership position I had a few years back.  I had plenty of responsibility/accountability allocated to me which was fine, but I soon found out my authority to act on same was suffering an appropriation shortage. It is like teaching a child to drive.  You have limited control over where the vehicle is going, yet you ultimately will be held accountable,  If you would have asked me if I would ever be someone'…

59 candles

Earlier this month I had a birthday.  It's not the first time (hehe) and by God's grace, it won't be the last.  However, this is my last birthday in this particular decade and I spent some time reflecting on birthdays in general, and other birthdays that were particularly memorable.

First of all, without all the days leading up to the big event, the birthday would never happen.  When I was growing up, birthdays included a countdown.  Because kids didn't have the parties they have today, it was all about family and having your favorite meal prepared..  The first party I remember with friends was when I turned 16.  My friend Cindy D. threw a surprise party for me.  This was nice and thankfully I didn't cry during the singing (which seemed to be a conundrum for me).

I really don't remember the "significant" birthdays of turning 18 or 21.  By the time I was 18, I was engaged and at 21 had been married four years with a one year old daughter (terrifying to…

Who isn't College Ready?

There has been much talk about college at the French household over the past several months.  In the fall, we enjoyed several campus visits and as this year begins its final months, decision time is drawing near.

As of right now, Madison has been accepted at every school she has applied and we currently have housing contracts with two of them.  Earlier in the year, she was ALL ABOUT Northwest Missouri State (family Alma Mater) but then another strong contender entered the race, UT-Tyler and all bets were off.

Here's my conundrum.  My "baby" is 18 years old.  She can vote in this election; she can drive well (after a late start, she has this down); she knows how to clean her room and do her laundry (though she treats those as optional at this point in time).  She is an accomplished baker and knows how to get around the kitchen to fix a few meals.  I know most of you are saying....what problem??

Madi needed an appointment with the dentist.  I had to call because Madison d…