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Name Dropper

When I watch Dateline, or listen to a podcast that involves a crime, I am always amazed (and a little frightened) for the people when they are asked to recount where they were and what they were doing at any given point in time.  With the help of technology, and the proper settings on my phone, my calendar would be my lifeline in assisting me in providing an alibi, explanation (and I am even talking about looking back last week).  The memory isn't what is used to be....

But, I do remember where I was on September 10, 1982.  How about you?  As I like to tell it, I was having lunch with the President of the United States.  In 1982, I was younger than all of our kids except Madison.  I was working full time at a place called Insurance Services Office and helped make ends meet by working as a cocktail waitress at the Topeka Club several evenings a week.  The Topeka Club was where the Republicans gathered (located on top of the then Merchants National Bank Building).  The Democrats…

What do we expect?

For those of you who may not have noticed, we are in an Election Year.  What that means is we have more campaign commercials than quality television and are subjected to this barrage of media torture from dawn until dusk.  I have been pondering over the state of our government, the way our system works and the overall inability of our top leaders to get along and my only comment is..."what do we expect?"

Is there any other area in our life where we "campaign" for the desired position, not by speaking o

f the talents, great experience and potential they bring to the office, but by constantly badmouthing all those who might be also "running" for the same job.  And what kind of jobs, except those elected, do any of us pour millions of dollars into the effort of securing, for so little return?

No one can be excluded from this bad behavior - although some do better than others.  Think about it for a minute.  All the top companies in the world do executive searc…

Never too old to learn

So this week I am in Mediation training.  It's a 40-hour course I am really interested in and today was the first day.   We were reminded of the different learning types, what is important to people and the different mediation styles (for starters).

I am primarily a visual learner.  I have always known that but it was fun to review the list again and validate all the reasons on the checklist.  I had to laugh when I saw "draws pictures instead of using words".  Many times I find myself trying to draw out what I am trying to say to an individual (or a group) so they can SEE what I am SAYING.  Another style is kinaesthetic, or physical.  This is sooo Madi.  Just last week I was watching all the girls basketball team line up for the national anthem. Everyone is standing still, with their hand over their heart....everyone that is, except Madi.  She was swaying back and forth. keeping time to the music.  Later, while she was taking a break from the game, everyone else sitting …

Dating (my husband) at 58

So Terry and I (mostly me) have decided it would be a good idea to start having date nights.  Let's face it, Madison is going to graduate from high school this year and college is then just a quick summer away.  Despite her dad's best efforts, I don't see her going to the college just down the street from us (and continuing to live at home).

It's time to start getting used to "just us".  Starting out as a blended family, we never really had that type of atmosphere, so there is some concern that we won't have anything to talk about.

Keeping that in mind, I planned our first date night a couple of weeks ago.  We (again, mostly me) decided to start out with a date night every other week, and we will take turns planning it.  I thought about a movie but that eliminates all efforts at conversation.   I still thought about it (for quite a while actually) and decided that wasn't keeping with the intent of the outing.  So...I planned a dinner date at a restau…