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Yahtzee...the new Ashley Madison?

My husband and I haven't left the bedroom since Christmas night.  Before you go down the wrong road completely, he and I are enjoying a bout of pneumonia and bronchitis simultaneously and this bedroom looks and sounds like a hospital quarantine zone.  Nothing to see here, folks.

What does that have to do with Yahtzee?  Or dating sites for that matter?  I AM BORED!  My head hurts so I can't concentrate on my normal vices (reading and knitting).  Terry and I have watched entire seasons of Law and Order and Quantico.  Between drug induced sleep (albeit complete with coughing fits that keep the neighbors awake...sorry mom), I am trying to pass the time with my mini entertainment center - remember the Kphone!

I love a good Yahtzee game and have become more involved than I care to admit with the tournaments and opportunities to win "custom" dice, etc.  Sister Nori and I have confessed to spending real money for pretend prizes....seriously, sometimes you need those extra ro…

Christmas time is here!!

Today all Madi and I did (besides a hair cut and laundry) was lay around and recoup from the hours of sleep we missed over the past four days.  We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Kansas City where we enjoyed an early Christmas with our family in Kansas and Missouri.  The time always goes by so quickly but we while we are there, we fill our waking hours with memories that will last us until the next time we are all together!
After arriving WAY LATE on Friday night (let's call it early Saturday morning) we spent our first day with the French side of the family (not nationality - just name).  This was a fun day of playing with the grandsons (Dawson-3 and Colten-5). Actually, at their ages (and energy levels) it is more of a spectator sport.  But I did score freewill hugs and (albeit reluctant) kisses.  My DIL (daughter-in-law) always hosts an amazing day and this year was no different.  We reconnected with son Mike, daughters Marissa, Julie and Megan and of course, little Ave…

Text support

On every website I visit, there is some type of "tech support" hoping to help me complete my order, answer my questions or take my money.  I can do a "live chat" for instant gratification and any mysteries will be solved at that time.  We also have "tech support" for work related issues with our computers.  If a problem crops up, they are only an email (and priority ranking) away from coming to my rescue.

But today I want to talk about "text support".  This is a little known service that I enjoy on a daily basis.  Generally, the service is supplied by a daughter, sister or "know your audience" friend, who is only a text away when the moment of support occurs.

I have several examples of "text support".  Let's say I am in a meeting that appears as if it will last forever, or at least until my next birthday.  What better time then the present to text whoever is available (sometimes you have to send out several texts to diff…

Blinded by equal blind to

As I was driving to work one morning, later than usual, I crested a hill that I take every day.  At that moment, I was suddenly blinded by the sunlight.  It was so overwhelming, for several minutes I could not see to safely get my bearings.  Even though I travel this route daily, I momentarily lost my way. This had not happened before, either because I traveled earlier or later.  It just happened to be this moment in time. Now, I am prepared.  I can leave early and avoid the light; or, I know the spot when to quickly avert my eyes, should I choose to face the light.  This will allow me to safely make my way down a few streets before I turn.

This is not the first time I have been blinded by something.  When I was young (VERY YOUNG), I was blinded by love.  Once that happened, I became blind to the consequences and as a result, I made careless decisions.  There is not a person alive that could have told me any different because once I was blinded by love, my way of looking at life chan…

Virtual strangers aka rock throwers

I was first introduced to Facebook about seven years ago.  Oh, I knew about it before then, but believed (and was encouraged to believe) it was just for teenagers.  Eventually, my daughter Marissa created a page for me.  She said it would be a great way to share pictures with everyone (and I really think she might have been tired of emailing them separate to me).  Okay, fair enough.

I started with just a handful of "friends", family really...and before I knew it, I had people sending requests that I had not heard from since high school!  Soon, there were little "groups" I could belong to and I now had suggestions popping up of who I should be friends with.  Wow!

Chatting was available if I wanted to reach out to someone immediately or I could message them for later.  I quickly became aware of my privacy settings so I could "direct traffic" if you will.  It truly was (and is) fun to see all the pictures, be tagged for something special, etc.  It's a vi…