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Words and deeds.

I was meeting with a group of people I worked with, stressing the importance of communication and the many ways we all communicate.  A problem had occurred and the supervisor was trying to solve it via email.  We were discussing how email could "sound" so different than the actual spoken word. The conversation soon evolved to body language, the words that weren't spoken, speaking with the eyes or avoiding eye contact all together and so many other ways we communicate (or not communicate).

It's interesting how quickly a person can feel backed into a corner by the weapon of words.  Striking out is immediate and never thought out very well.  Eyes can spark as bright as any fire and the sting of what is said lasts longer than a slap.  When the conversation is replayed (and it will be) the healing process starts over.  A physical wound would mend faster.

I once read a phrase that went like this:  "When we use force, we acknowledge love has failed."  I wrote it d…

You can do anything for 10 seconds....

I began watching the series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflicks recently and one of her lines when things are really tough is "you can do anything for 10 seconds"....and she proceeds to count to ten while she gets through her challenge, and then starts over again.  Of course the message is similar to "how do you eat an elephant"?  One bite at a time.  The important thing is to keep eating.

And that is what we are doing right down.  Though ten seconds would be too overwhelming for me to have to start over THAT many times, so I have broke it down to "I can bear anything for one day". Unlike Kimmy, I don't start out strong, end weak and then start over strong again.
My days are beginning more like, I wake up and remember.  Then I wish I could go back to sleep.  But I can't, so I have to work up to getting up. Once I have crossed that particular bridge, I seem to coast for awhile and do alright.  However, the wrong words (which are usua…

How do YOU live in the NOW?

Lately I have been reading a book by Roger Housden called "ten poems to change your life".  All of these poems are by different authors and Mr. Housden offers an in-depth interpretation after each reading.  I have been so impressed with his interpretations, I have gone on to buy two more of his books.  But one poem was shared by Mr. Housden, by Rumi (who never wrote down a word of any of his thoughts-that was left for others to catch).  This particular poem "Zero Circle" struck a chord with me.  Big picture, he alluded to just how unmanageable life can seem.  Which got me to thinking about how we all desperately try to control the chaos of our life and never really appreciate  "the NOW".  And at random times since I have read this poem, it draws me back to "Zero Circle" - almost as if it is checking in with me..." but the message I hear is "Are you living in THE NOW"?

And I have to ask you, how the heck do you live in THE NOW?  I…

W.O.W.- or When One Waits (Floor 10)

When life gets interrupted, everything that seemed important before falls by the wayside.  The week you had planned becomes meaningless and your focus zeros in on each minute you are living in. Hours can either drag by or speed past, depending on whether you are waiting for something, or trying to make something last.

Sleep becomes optional and of the 24 hours in a day, at least 16 are spent at the scene of the "crime" or in this case - on Floor 10 - the intensive care ward where decisions are made and changed and made again.  You become acutely aware of the different sounds and what they mean.  Monitors tell stories and you become adept at interpreting them.

Rooms on either side are quiet and there aren't many visitors (limit two to a room) on Floor 10.  All doors are sliding glass and you can see everyone and they can see you (and yours).  So when the woman next door (who looks about your age) is taken off life support and has her family brought in to say goodbye, you …

This is your brain-on aspirin

Did you know, if you fall, you could get a small papercut on your brain.  Go ahead and then treat your aches and pains from the fall with significant doses of aspirin and it's quite possible that your head will fill up with blood, push your brain out of the way and cause you to slur your words like someone after closing down the bar at 2:00 a.m.  The next thing you know, you are in intensive care after being treated for a subdural hematoma.
This is what your brain looks like on aspirin.  We have been warned about the dangers of drugs for years and how many of you can recall the fried egg sizzling in the pan when talking about our brain on drugs?  But aspirin?? Really??
I am going to cop right now to being an aspirin abuser in the past.  I was the one who would pop one Excedrin (ok, two) in the mid afternoon (particularly after a late night) to get that extra edge.  And who among us didn't subscribe to the theory that Excedrin was a performance enhancer for tests?
Even now I will …