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Even for the times I don't want to listen- thank you God for my hearing!

Yesterday Madi's softball team played against the ladies at the Texas School for the Deaf.  This always proves to be an evenly matched contest and this year was no different.  The scores are traded back and forth each inning and they played the full seven.  I am always impressed by the team's ability to communicate in the fast paced movements of the game.

I find myself watching not only the girls playing but watching the crowd.  It was then that all that goes with language and hearing dawned on me.  When one can't hear, it is not only sound they can't hear, but the subtleties of the spoken word.

Think first about a private conversation.  If I want to have one with you, we can turn away from others, lower our voices and carry on "as if" we are alone.  When you speak with your hands, everyone who knows the language is privy to your conversation.  And I was thinking about this from a teenager's perspective, as well.  There were many young people watching the…

My latest experiment..ME!

I have never been one to shy away from trying new things and throughout life, I have participated in many "fads".  Of course, at the time, I thought they might be here to stay and some have fared better than others,

My first "perm" was when I was about 22 years old.   Everyone was getting their hair curled and I decided my hair wasn't curly enough.  My step-mom was a beautician so we had easy access to just about anything "beauty related" but what I didn't understand was that it didn't guarantee "beauty results".  When I arrived home and got out of the car (my hair barely fit in the front seat) my sister Junie, who was then about 17, started singing "On the good ship, lollipop".....   Before she got any further, I burst into tears, ran into the house and locked myself into the bathroom for several hours. My hair had not calmed down before I came out.

Not all my experiments have involved physical self humiliation.  You will…

A settling of accounts

Dateline is my favorite TV show.  And 9 times out of 10 it ends with resolution.  The guilty person is caught and a sentence is doled out.  It is never a stranger but always, always, someone the victim trusted!  Reactions vary.  Some of those left behind profess joy, others relief and some claim satisfaction during sentencing.  What no one ever gets is "things the way they used to be".  No one gets a "do-over".

Isn't that the only way things could truly be made right?  If the offender  - any offender - could be caught, tried and convicted, and then life could return to the way it was.....before the crime happened. What a wonderful world this would be!  Murders wouldn't just be solved, they would be undone.   Kidnapped children would be returned - unharmed.   Terrible suffering could be undone and maybe we could take it one step further - the memory of the events could then be erased also.

What about "white collar" crime?  There are a trail of vi…

The year of the "8's"

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Madison.  One of the first things I did, was figure out how old I would be when she turned 18.... 58 years old!  It seemed like "light" years away and I wondered how she would feel about having such an old mother.  After all, when Megan turned 18, I was 38 (and Madi wasn't even born) and when Marissa turned 18, I was 45.  By then Madi was a 5 year old. Yes, I participated in delivering children over three different decades.  And I haven't even added in my kids through marriage.

I did the same type of ruminations when I returned to school for my degree.  When I started, I had no idea had long it would take because I was committed to doing it "the old fashioned" way.  I wanted to really attend college - no on-line courses for me, I wanted the real deal experience.  This was back in 1993 and I still had Megan and Marissa at home.  I would have been 36 years old.

Calling my sister (Katy) to complain (who knows …