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Your tax dollars at work-Is that an oxymoron?

If you want to see your tax dollars at work, I encourage everyone to go to the Capitol while the legislature is in session.  I don't care where you live, I have a feeling what you see will be similar to what I witnessed when I sat in on a committee meeting earlier this week.

I will admit to be faintly excited at the thought of attending a committee meeting where testimony would be heard by several panels on a topic that I was interested in.  And not only interested because I was being paid to be interested in it - but as a citizen as well.
Let me paint the picture for you .....
Standing room only.  Everyone who knows me KNOWS I don't do standing room only, very well. Not in overcrowded bars for musical groups I love and certainly not for only God knows how long in a windowless room shoulder to shoulder with people ambling about, texting, talking in stage whispers and not being respectful of the speaker up front.  
I maneuvered my way to a section of wall behind the last row of…


Lent has really crept up on me this year.  It seems early (or maybe I say that every year) but I feel I haven't probably prepared myself to give something up for the season.  Over the years I have given up many things.  There has been candy, desserts, chocolate (specifically), diet coke.  Yes, one year I even gave up my beloved Sonic.  And as I was reflecting on all "the regulars" was when it hit me.

Lent had lost its meaning for me.  Everything listed above was really all about me.  Most every item listed had a "bonus" besides my suffering.  Forgive me, Jesus for making a mockery of the sacrifices you gave for us by my going without peanut m&m's for 40 days while I hoped to lose a few pounds along the way.  There was certainly no reflection of God's word or gaining a deeper understanding of my faith by giving up any of those things.

In the "old days", this penitent season was an opportunity for fasting.  Obviously fasting could be counted…

Trying to create an epidemic - of Grace!

I was talking about a program we administer at work the other day with an industry peer and I made the comment as I was describing it "the way we apply it now, there is no Grace. No one can be successful without a little Grace,"  He looked a little puzzled.
As I was leaving and driving home, I started thinking about the overall importance of Grace in our lives.  When I think of Grace, notice I capitalize it because to me, it is that important.  It is my belief, that none of us can survive the cruelties of this world without the hope of Grace.
Grace has many meanings.   As a noun it can mean a simple elegance or refinement of movement, an elegance, poise or finesse.  As a verb it can mean to do honor or credit to someone or something by one's presence.  It is also a beautiful name.  As a noun, I can claim no fame to grace, and only sarcastically do I dare use it as a verb.
But that isn't the type of Grace I mean.  As as Christian, I have learned the biblical meaning o…

Keeping one foot in reality - it shouldn't be this hard

There is something wrong with my family's perception of reality.  This isn't a new dawning to me, nor is it limited to any one generation of the four we have running right now.  It's an equal opportunity defect that tends to spread rapidly once the swan song of doubt begins playing in our mind.

Let me set a simple stage for you.  Hind sight makes it so clear that it may seem difficult to see the sinister implications as they played out.  I ask you to take my hand and step into my world.  It all started when I arrived at Madi's basketball game.  Terry was there but Tyler hadn't arrived.  I asked Terry if he had heard from him and since the answer was no, I texted him to see if he was coming.  Some time passed before Mr. French asked if I had heard back from the boy (aka 32 year old grown man).  Since I had not, I shot him another text.  NOTHING.  This is when the seed of doubt was first planted.  Let it be known that these seeds sprout into full grown plants VERY QU…