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Standards.....Best practices? I just want RULES!

I am one of those people that do so much better when I understand the rules.  Who is with me?  I remember when I was in third grade, Mom asked for a yellow chiffon blouse for a gift (birthday or memory is not THAT good).  I thought this blouse was beautiful and it was understood between Mom and me that when I was old enough - and of a certain "size", I would be allowed to wear it.  Of course, by the time that day came, I would no sooner wear my mom's clothes than hang out with her friends.  RIGHT???  Those were the "rules".  There was a certain standard and everyone understood how it was.

Even the Archie comics (Archie, Reggie, Veronica, Betty, etc.) liked everything opposite of their parents.  This would be called a best practice by the time I was a teenager.  Most of us liked rock and roll while our parents still liked country but it wasn't unheard of, if an occasional song was played and enjoyed by both.  Obviously, you didn't brag abo…

She has my eyes, and your split personality!

It all starts out so innocently.  And really very much a territorial type thing.  You finally have a child of your own (or grandchild) and quickly everyone starts claiming attributes. You are keen to determine who the baby looks like, pulling out pictures of other children, siblings and perhaps even your own baby picture.

 I remember when Marissa was born, much arguing was going on as to who she looked like, when I already knew she looked exactly like me.  Always being one to prove my point, I slipped my newborn picture in the mix.  My mother-in-law (at the time) picked it up and said, "oh, you have a new picture of the baby".  HA!  Needless to say, case closed.  

The the children get older, and it becomes less about looks and more about expressions.  Comments are made such as "when she furrows her brow like that, she looks just like you".  So now it's not so much about nature, but about nurture.  And I don't know about you, but these can even be self expre…

What lies between a Noun and a Verb is apathy

If you read last week's blog, you will have noticed, I HAVE A NEW GRANDDAUGHTER.  And I love her.  I say it, I believe it, but when it comes down to it....what does love have to do with it?  As a noun probably not much.  Because so many times, in today's is not enough.

Even the word "love" is overused or maybe overrated.  (As a noun, anyway).  How many times do we casually toss the word around?  I love Sonic (my example).  What does that mean?  Would I go to the ends of the earth for my Diet Green Tea, with a splash of peach, extra ice?  I think not.  In fact, there are days, (and I know some of you will find this hard to believe), that I make a choice not to go to Sonic.  That doesn't sound like love.    I am not going to focus on the things that love will not do.  That is something all of us are all too familiar with.  Let's talk instead about what love could do.

So, what is love?  I believe love only becomes alive as a verb.  When it takes act…

Taste buds and love unite!

I love to bake!  It has been one of my favorite things to do with my daughters over the years.  And through the years, we have added to our repertoire of  items we "make and bake".  Many things we have made, everyone loves.  Taste buds and love unite!!!!  But other things, in fact a couple of my favorite things, have not been a favorite with my very own family.  How can we be related?  Do you ever wonder that, when something (or someone) you love does not win the heart of another person you love?

Or what about when your own  "taste changes".  When I was growing up, I remember eating macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and one particular tuna casserole with potato chips on top.  Ring any bells?  I can tell you that I no longer wish to eat these particular foods; my "taste" has changed.  By the same token,  I did not like olives, any type of fish (other than fish sticks) and also would not eat food that had "touched".  I will eat all types of olives now…