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Facing your fear - don't let me stand in your way!!

This is one of my favorite Far Side cartoon's and I have kept it taped to whatever desk I have sat at since March 17, 1982.  It makes me smile every time I look at it, but on a deeper level, it also makes me think.

Most of us don't want any trouble.  We sometimes find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time; sometimes we suffer from "foot in mouth" disease and cause our own problems but at the end of the day, all we want is to GET ALONG and GET IT DONE!!!!

I had a dream recently that really stuck with me-  I was running outside to get something - I don't know what but at some point I realized I was in my pajamas. (YIKES)  As I raced back inside, just as I was closing the front door, from the corner of my eye, I saw an inside door shut.  Because I was home alone, I became filled with fear.

The more frightened I became, the more cloudy my vision became.  I began to stumble around the room and it started to become smaller and smaller until it wasn't a ro…

Working Out is such a work out.

I am no stranger to exercise.  I have had a love/hate relationship with it for years.  I am not a runner so you won't see me at the trendy "run-a-thons" for all the good causes.  They always say it's cool to walk but I just don't quite believe it.  It reminds me of the only time I ever signed up for a run/walk in a 5k while still living in Topeka.  THIS GOES WAY BACK.  I had to be in my early 30's which means a couple of things; I still smoked; exercised sporadically,  and while I could dress the part of a runner and look authentic.... that was about all.
The day of the race dawned clear and I showed up with about 400 other people.  Looking around I felt very confident because I saw people of all shapes and sizes.  Certainly I could beat some of these people.  I am always so darn competitive (even when I have no business).  I started strong and that lasted around the first bend, until we were out of sight.  Soon the run/walk was more walk/walk fast and the la…

Homesickness for those left at Home - Absence made my heart grow fonder

Madi just returned from her first mission trip.  She was gone for eight days in Honduras, truly excited to be chosen to serve.  There was some trepidation; this was the first time away from home without any contact cell phone, Instagram, Facebook.  NOTHING.  We have been apart many times in her life. My past life called for much travel but we always enjoyed the modern conveniences and instant gratification of cell phones, Facetime and texting.  This would be a true testament of our maturity levels.

Let me preface my remarks with just a few comments.  This mission trip (sponsored by her school) has been in the works for the entire school year.  Both her dad and I signed off on this back in the fall when she first expressed an interest.  We love her servant heart and sense of adventure.  She participated in fund raisers and had some strong support from loved ones (special shout outs here to Mary Jo, Grampcrackers and Marissa).

Fast forward to 10 days before the mission…

Support Group Needed - For a Friend.......

Let me just come right to the point.  I am discussing the needs of a friend (of course) who needs help. He started small but is now "running with the BIG DOGS"!  While there is no drain financially on his family yet, his needs are starting to become evident as his "fix" becomes more and more pervasive.  While his family is obviously aware of his problem - perhaps they have even enjoyed the fruits of his "trade" in the beginning, now that he has hit the BIG TIME, they no longer have explanations for the appurtenances found throughout their home.

Haven't we have all been there at one time in our life?  Aren't we all veterans of some type of problem - maybe even an addiction, that got the better of us?  Necessarily, one must first recognize the problem before accepting the challenge of correcting it.

Examples?  This is so easy for me.  I remember when I became addicted to watching "Breaking Bad". Already in the final season, I had a lot of…