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Listen to me....I don't want to talk about it.

My mom and I talk often (almost daily) and today's topic was about the transparency we (generally speaking) allow, maybe even encourage, in today's society.  Don't we invite people in to criticize and review personal details of our own life and then take offense if we don't like the comments.  Things that used to be "opinion" "personal business" "family business" or even considered "airing of dirty laundry" is now Facebook friendly and tweet worthy.  It can be very subtle or it can be painfully extreme.  It's user's choice - user's remorse.

My parents had five children in six years. 
 I believe at one point my Grammy (maternal) sent my mom unsolicited information on birth control after Katy was born (middle child).  Obviously it wasn't something they talked about, but something that could be dropped in the mail. People were much more respectful of boundaries. My parents divorced when I was around seven years …

Everybody's working for....VACATION!!!!!!

Today was my first day of vacation.  I know, some of you may be confused because you are can you take vacation if you aren't gainfully employed?  Well, let's start first with the definition of "gainfully employed".  Granted, I am not drawing a paycheck at regular intervals.  All this means to me is I am working for free because my time seems to be filled on a daily basis with meaningful activity.  My activities are diverse and time consuming.  For example, let's take a look at the first couple of days of this week (prior to vacation).

Monday - I started this day (and week)  by preparing breakfast for my family.  This allowed us to start our day by breaking bread and praying together which is something we have been enjoying regularly since I relocated to this new type of "employment".  Following Terry and Madi's departure, I have kitchen clean-up, bed making, and general straightening up around the house.  On this particular Monday, …

This baggage is heavy...but I can't seem to leave it behind

Today I was at Sonic (no surprise there) and when I pulled in, I was talking to my mom so I decided to skip the drive through and just order from the stall.  It wasn't busy, it was less intrusive on my conversation and I wasn't in any hurry.  After I ordered, I talked to my step-dad, chatted again with my mom and before long I realized my throat was parched.  Cars were coming and going all over the place and I was still sitting there without my drink.  Now, I could have punched that button and got all ugly but I didn't. This was my choice to be leisure so I pushed the button again, checked in and said, "hey, I think you forgot about me.  I have been here about 15 minutes now and see cars coming and going".  Instantly apologetic, my drink was delivered, not only free of charge but with Sonic coins for free drinks for my next two visits.  Not expected but appreciated.  I didn't hear excuses and no one got defensive with me. 

I gave my Sonic friends a break bec…

The final countdown....this WAS WAR!!!!

Armageddon as defined in the dictionary is “the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil”.  Another definition is “the last and completely destructive battle: or finally, any great and crucial conflict”.
I am here today to tell you that Armageddon came a little to close to home.  I know we have been hearing this for decades, and certainly from people with more credibility than me but let me rain some cold hard facts down on you from a house that was under siege in Austin, Texas.
First, let me warn you that the next few paragraphs are graphic in nature and will contain photographic evidence that some of my readers may find disturbing.  With this in mind, read on – perhaps in small groups.  Definitely with the lights on and loud music playing.
Saturday night…much like any other Saturday except Madi and I knew we were not alone in the house.  As we made our way to the kitchen, the lights were off (first mistake) and we decided our best defense was …