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Tick, tick, tick...what do the heart and time have in common.

I recently saw an amazing video about the human heart, as told by a heart surgeon. (link below)  I have been pondering this subject (as is typical with my obsessive-compulsive nature) and want to share a few observations with you.  As shared in the video, when the first recipient of an artificial heart was being prepared for surgery, with all the questions his wife might have asked (risks, complications, etc) she only had one question.   It was "if you replace my husband's heart with a machine, will he still be able to love me?"  

Because it seems we feel so much, right there in the center of our being.  It is what keeps us alive right up until that last beat, that last moment in time.  That's it....our commonality!  Time doesn't matter to us anymore when our heart stops beating.  But on the other side of that coin, time matters very much when a heart stops beating of one we love.  We are still here.  Our heart aches, can mimic a heart attack and actually has a di…

Is there a short perspective or love?

This week I am enjoying spring in Kansas City.  And we have actually had showers and flowers and a little wind.  Nothing too dramatic but the temperatures are warm and the city is familiar and it's good to visit a place I used to call home.  It's been three years since I lived here and as I look around, a few things have changed but not so much I get lost in the shuffle.

What has changed more than the city is my perspective.  I remember when I first moved to Kansas City.  It was 1997 and more was changing for me than just my address.  I was newly married (not for the first time but definitely for the last time) and I was a first time "other mother" to three kids new to me (now we had five).  We decided for good measure to have one of our own and she was on the way.  It was an exciting time filled with opportunities that had potential to be blessings or go downhill from there.  These things were dependent in large part on me and my perspective.  When we first moved he…

Going through changes, and not just my clothes

I am going through some changes, and I don't just mean my clothes.  But let's talk about that for a minute.  I have joined a group of neighbors recently in a boot camp that starts at 5:30 a.m. (allegedly twice a week).   We are pretty fluid in our meeting times because not only am I going through some changes, so is the weather here in Texas, and there is not a one of us in our group who are interested in working out in 30 degree weather at 5:30 in the morning.  Okay, so back to the clothes.  I may or may not sleep in my work out clothes, so I can roll out of bed and report to duty minutes after waking up (something I was never able to accomplish when I was working).  After an hour of pretty intense muscle discovery, it is time for a shower and my first change of clothes of the day.  It's still early and relatively cool so this means yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt.  By noon, I am now ready for my shorts and a tee-shirt if I am moving around at all (check it - outfit #…

You can run.....but I can't!

We have all heard the saying, "you can't run from your past".  But what about the more general thought of "the past"?  I had a call the other day and for a minute was enjoying the voice and general conversation, visiting about days gone by until I realized that the past (from my perspective and the one I had made peace with) and the past my caller was calling about, were about to collide...from his innocent memory's perspective. 

Yes, I tried to run.  The weather was not conducive for running away and as my sister (bookend) will tell you, I am not a runner.  But it was fight or flight and I chose to fly (well, run).  I set the speed on my treadmill for as fast as my little legs could carry me and went for as long as my anxiety ran high.  (You didn't really think I was running away OR going outside in bad weather, did you?).  Three miles later (with an average speed of 3.5 mph and significant calories burned), I felt better....FOR NOW.

How is it that TH…

Truth (and family) are stranger than fiction!

Do you ever feel that there might be cameras recording what is going on in your life at any given moment?  Otherwise, how did it get to be so ridiculous!!  Sometimes I truly feel like I am (or should be) starring in a comedy, sit-com.  Just 30 minutes, once a week; I don't want a 24-hour reality show, just the highlights.

This past weekend we traveled back to Kansas City to visit family and surprise Terry with a party in his honor for his 35 years of officiating football.  Son Tyler was the main instigator and made sure everything was ready to go.  I was responsible for getting Terry to Kansas City.  Since he had just been back a couple of weeks prior, I couldn't play the "it's time for a quick visit" card and I am never one to cry wolf with an "emergency" card.   Always a bad idea any time.  So I decided to wing it and not tell him anything, buy the tickets and go with the fact that it also happened to be his birthday weekend so Madi and I could comman…